Best Landscape Design Services in San Jose CA

1- Property survey

As we provide the  best landscape design services in San Jose CA, our survey team will travel to your property to capture the essential site data (dimensions, elevations, and photographs). There’s no need for your presence at the survey.

2- Design Consultation

Upon completion of the survey, we’ll create your site plan that’ll be the basis for your initial online design consultation via screen sharing.

3- First draft 3d design
4- Completed 3d design
5- Installation Plans drafted

After rendering a design you adore and a cost that works for your budget, we’ll draft the two-dimensional computer-aided design installation plans.

6- Bids collected
7- Contractor selection

Expert Landscape Designers in San Jose CA

Crafting your project to perfection with your favorite design style in mind, our team will make sure all your must-have items are included. Once you see your custom design take form in 3D images and videos, your project vision will come alive. So contact us now and get the best landscape design services.


We'll survey your project area using the latest 2d and 3d laser surveying equipment. This gives us the exact dimensions, elevations, and positions of all elements of the area to be designed. We'll draft your site plan using this information. We'll also take pictures of everything in the areas to be designed.

Design Consultation

You'll receive a one-hour online screen share design consultation where together we'll review your site plan we drafted and your site pictures that were taken during the survey. Our landscape design services includes a comprehensive interview with you to hear about your design preferences and project wish list. This will assist us in establishing a design criteria list custom fit for you and your project

2d Installation Plans

Included in your Custom Design Package is a complete set of our comprehensive CAD Installation Plans.

Site Plan

We'll draft a C.A.D. 2d site plan of the areas to be designed and use this draft of all existing elements as the basis for your entire project design.

3d Renderings

We'll render your project in 3d so you can see what it'll look like when completed.

Animated video

Included in your Custom Design Package will be 2 of our impressive animated videos. You'll be receiving daytime and nighttime videos. These custom videos will maximize the visualization of your completed project.

At Lakota Design Group we offers landscape design services with multiple themes such as Art-Deco, Old World Cottage, Mediterranean, Spanish Mediterranean, Traditional, and Contemporary.